Our Portfolio of Health and Personal Care Brands

Bridges invests to grow brands that have unique consumer benefits and a clear path for new product innovation.

Our growing portfolio includes premier brands that target specialty conditions across a variety of health and personal care categories

Absorbine Jr. Plus

For over 100 years, Absorbine Jr. has provided fast, effective and lasting pain relief from sore muscles, arthritis, and stiffness.
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A trusted brand of makeup remover with over 100 years brand loyalty.
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Anti Monkey Butt

An anti-chafing powder with formulas for women, men and babies.
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Certain DRI

The #1 doctor-recommended clinical antiperspirant for patients suffering from excessive sweating.
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The original OTC pain reliever for consumers suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI).
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Refrigerator-fresh probiotic supplements designed to counter the gastrointestinal side effects of antibiotics and other digestive health conditions.
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Lipo Flavonoid

The #1 doctor recommended supplement for easing the symptoms of tinnitus (ear ringing).
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Therma Care heat Wraps

Therapeutic heat wraps with patented technology that produces real heat to relieve pain and help accelerate healing of damaged tissue.
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